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Commercial Paint and Waterproofing

We paint and waterproof all roof types, Estates, Buildings, factories and offer a professional and quality service. We take care when repairing cracks and flaking paint. All work is overseen and our team is reliable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Our Rates are typically charged per square metre. However, every job is unique. Call Carsten now to find out more and get your free quote or consultation.

Are you a body corporate or manager of sectional title units, looking for a 10-year maintenance plan as well as a reliable contractor to carry out the work? 

  • BK can not only assess your complex and provide you with an up-to-date maintenance plan, but we are also able to quote for all the necessary work accurately so that you are able to budget accordingly.
  • We have the experience in managing the various maintenance tasks required by sectional title developments such as painting, waterproofing maintenance of garage doors, wooden or steel windows

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