How do I use a Paint Roller?

How do I use a Paint Roller?

  • The most important part of your paint rolling setup is the roller sleeve. It’s tempting to buy the cheapest sleeve available and throw it away when you’re done. But you won’t mind the few extra minutes of clean-up time once you experience the difference a good roller sleeve makes.
  • Cheap roller sleeves don’t hold enough paint to do a good job. It’ll take you four times as long to paint a room. And you’ll likely end up with an inconsistent layer of paint, lap marks and built-up ridges of paint.
  • Rolling demands a light touch. Keep the roller sleeve loaded with paint and use only enough pressure to release and spread the paint. Pushing on the roller to squeeze out the last drop of paint will only cause problems.


  • INSIDER TIP: No matter what roller cover you’re using, always let the paint do the work.


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