Maintenance Plan

All properties require a certain amount of maintenance and by having a maintenance plan in place whereby you split up your house into 5 main areas you would maintain your house in good nick and in the long run save money.

Instead of doing everything at once split up your house maintenance into smaller bites which would not break the bank and at the same time you maintain your biggest asset.

These areas would be:

  • Interior painting -ceilings, doors & walls
  • Exterior painting – exterior walls, windowsills, and window frames.
  • Boundary walls and security gates
  • Garage doors and wooden windows and wooden doors.
  • Roof & facia boards

Let us help you with your maintenance plan:

  • Always start with your roof- ensure that there are no broken tiles, ridge capping is all intact, gullies are not obstructed, and gutters are clean. Repair or replace your facia boards. The cleaning of gutters and gullies should be checked at least once every year. Paint every six to seven years.
  • Wooden garage doors and window frames should be slightly sanded and oiled or varnished every year – by not sanding the frames slightly you will have a build up of varnish and your windows won’t be able to close. Varnishing or oiling them yearly prevents moisture to be absorbed by the wood, which could cause swelling and rotting.
  • Exterior painting should last you 5 to 6 years and should include windowsills, steel window frames. Before painting ensure that all damp is taken care of and peeling paint, cracks and holes in the walls are repaired.
  • Interior painting to be done on a need basis. Use a good acrylic paint that is washable, and the paint should last you 5  – 6 years
  • Boundary walls would be treated in the same way as exterior walls and if the budget allows for this, we would suggest this is done at the same time as Exterior painting

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