The Secrets to cutting with paint, like a pro!

The Secrets to cutting with paint, like a pro!

  • Practice somewhere you’re going to paint over. Create a line in the middle of the room using a chalk line or put a piece of painters tape on the wall and practice using a steady slow movement to follow that straight line. Repeat this until you feel comfortable enough with the brush to cut in on a real transition point.
  • Watch the tip of your brush. Even though you may be painting with an 35mm wide brush, you need to focus on the tip – just like when you write with a pencil. That tip is what is creating the straight line. Uniform, steady light pressure on the brush will push the bristles out to create that tip. If your eyes are always on the tip of the brush, you will have far fewer mistakes.
  • You can’t always trust masking tape. Taping baseboards and door trim is a good idea but pull it off as soon as the job is finished and don’t be surprised if a bit of paint found its way onto the trim. Use a wet cloth to gently wipe away the paint if this happens. Trying to tape a ceiling line won’t work well, so you’re better off doing this freehand.
  • Not too much, not too little. Dip your brush about 1 to 1.4cm into your paint. Don’t submerge too much of the brush or you’ll have a big mess on your hands (literally). You’ll get a feel for it quickly, but you want to have enough paint on the brush so you’re able to work for a few minutes before going back to get more paint. If you’re not applying enough paint, you will have too thin of a coat, which doesn’t look as good. If you apply too much paint and see some drips, just brush through them.
  • Take it slow. This is probably the biggest mistake beginners make because they’re anxious and want to get the job done quickly. Until you have years of painting experience, don’t give yourself deadlines that are going to be hard to meet – go slow and steady. Your cut in lines will show your patience and you’ll be happier for the years to come that you took the time to do it right.
  • Think about using a roller later.Make sure that your cut-in line is wide enough to accommodate the roller overlap where you will be rolling up to it later. If your cut in line is only 2 cm. down from the ceiling, you’ll be smacking the ceiling with your roller when applying the wall color later. A cut-in line of about 6cm is typically enough, but you can make it even wider if you want. All you have to do is brush some paint below your first cut in line to make it wider.
  • Cut, roll, cut, roll.Don’t cut in twice and then roll. Cut in one coat and then roll on one coat, so the coats dry together and create a smoother finish.


  • INSIDER TIP: Don’t rush – take your time!

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