Painting your Interior

Painting the interior is no easy task. Here are a couple of tricks to help you paint your Room.

  • Remove furniture, wall hangings, and rugs.
  • Remove light switch and receptacle covers.
  • Apply safe release painter’s tape along baseboards and around window and door trim.
  • Cover floor with a tarp or plastic sheeting.
  • Fill holes and repair cracks.
  • Cut in ceiling edges and around light fixtures with a brush.
  • Paint ceiling with the roller. Unpainted textured ceilings may be hard to paint.
  • Paint two coats
  • Cut in the walls with a brush around the ceiling, switches and plugs, windows and doors, baseboards, and along inside corners.
  • Use a quality roller and brushes paint into the tray. Close bucket to avoid accidental spillage.
  • Dip roller into a roller tray and use screed to remove excess
  • Start at one corner of the room and apply paint vertically to the wall over a 500mm wide area
  • Use light pressure on the roller at first, then press harder as the roller becomes less saturated with paint. Move the roller at a moderate pace to prevent splattering.
  • Go back over the area to spread and even out the paint
  • Dip the roller in the bucket again and move to the adjoining 500 mm area.
  • Keep a wet edge between each section and smooth out any lines or drips
  • Apply second coat once the paint has dried
  • Clean up the brush, roller, bucket, and screen with water and dishwashing detergent in a sink or outside with a garden hose
  • If you’ll be using the same paint again the next day, wrap the wet roller in a plastic shopping bag and seal it with a tie to keep it from drying out
  • After the walls have dried, remove the tape and paint the trim with a brush
  • Make sure the paint has dried thoroughly before hanging pictures and installing switch covers

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