Need advice on how to clean your cement tiled roof? 

  • Clean the roof surface with a hard bristle brush-to remove loose dirt and larger debris that may clog your gutters or damage your roof while washing.
  • Wet the roof surface with a garden hose and allow the roof to soak for at least five minutes this will loosen the dirt and make cleaning easier. (Use pressure washer)
  • Sweep the roof again and then rinse to check that the roof is clean.
  • Allow the roof to dry before applying roof paint as per the manufacturers instruction. Although if very hot wet small sections of the roof and paint.
  • If there is fungal or mould, using 1-part bleach to 4 parts water and scrubbing with brush will remove and effectively kill the growth.
  • You need to thoroughly rinse the roof when you done and take care not to slip, as bleach can make tiles slick.
  • Chlorine can also be used to clean your roof! Mix 2 cups to 20lt of water.

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