What paint should I use to paint my roof?

  • Roof paint should ideally be pure acrylic with adequate UV resistance to last as long as possible in the harsh African sun. Also having a waterbased product makes for easy cleaning and short recoating periods, reducing the time spent on the roof.
  • Midek Roof Paint can be used on both cement roof tiles or corrugated iron roofs and is easy to apply. Plus, the product is specifically formulated with outstanding adhesion to cope with flexibility of galvanized gutters and cladding under varying temperatures
  • Added benefits are that Midek Roof Paint contains anti-fungal properties. The product can be tinted to specific colour requirements, and for those who prefer eco-friendly products, Midek Paint is 100% lead free.
  • On tiled roofs it is always a good idea to spend some time on the ridge capping using ULTIMATE FIBERITE before painting. This remarkable product binds any loose and/or broken filler between the ridge tiles making for a 100% sound and waterproof capping.
  • Paint two coats of roof paint


  • INSIDER TIP: If you are painting your roof during hot summer days, make sure you wet small sections of the roof. If your roof is hot, the water component in the paint will evaporate too quickly resulting in poor adhesion and possible paint failure.

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